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Dear Public,

The Bill of Rights was created to ensure the individual rights and freedom of American citizens.  The First Amendment declares that all Americans are guaranteed the freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, and petition. This amendment is ignored by the state of New York, and as a result my rights to freedom are being blatantly violated. In my recent lawsuit, I have sued the Board of Education in the city of New York for not allowing my daughter to attend school at PS 35 Clove Valley. I refuse to have my daughter vaccinated for religious reasons, and it is because of this that the school district refuses to accept her as a student. The courts state that my daughter's medical issues are the reason why I am not vaccinating her. This is a lie. From the moment Mary was conceived, we knew that the Lord was watching over us. Three months into my pregnancy, I was having contractions and ended up being put on strict bed rest once I was five months pregnant. The doctors stitched up my cervix at that time so that the baby would be able to stay inside of me for the full term. I needed to be on medications to stop the contractions for most of the pregnancy because the surgery by itself was not successful. During that time I got closer to God.

My faith deepened after Mary was born. Our children are blessings in our lives, but Mary was a miracle. I was brainwashed into thinking that I must vaccinate my child since this is what U.S. social norms says that we as parents are supposed to do for our children. So Mary was vaccinated like every other typical newborn in this country.  After each vaccination, she would have a negative reaction, and at this point, the medical professionals did not know what was wrong with her. On the way home from a vaccination appointment, Mary was crying and nothing would console her. She ended up being completely intoxicated with thrush and intestinal yeast toxins after it had nowhere else to go in her tiny, little less than five pound body. Mucus was leaking out of her eyes, vagina, and her rear end was red like it was put over a flame of fire. My daughter was not absorbing her nutrients and she wasn't growing. The intoxication of yeast and negative organisms ended up causing a double ear infection as well. The doctor had prescribed her a compounded suppository antibiotic because that is the protocol for healing an ear infection in NY State, but in Mary’s case, it was a disaster and caused more damage to her immune system just like every other unnatural substance that was given to her. We administered the medicine to her at home as instructed, but less than twenty seconds later Mary went into an anaphylactic shock. She started vomiting, convulsing, water was pouring out of her rectum, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Everything was happening so quickly, I couldn't reach the phone to call 911. My first reaction was to cry out to the Lord, "In the name of Jesus, save my baby!" All of a sudden, the vomiting stopped and the color came back into her face. Her eyes were looking at us, she was breathing normally and a peace and calmness came over her. The only one who could save us and rescue Mary so swiftly during that crisis, was Our Heavenly Father and that is just one of the many miracles that my family has experienced through the Lord, Jesus Christ.  

I count and depend on the Lord to heal us and I am not going against His all knowingness. At this time in Mary's life we have come to know that her yeast infections are caused by an autoimmune disorder, which in her case is an overactive immune system. My daughter’s medical issues are what made me pick up my Bible and read it every day and drew me closer to my beliefs that God made the body perfect and pure and I don't want to put any impurities into her body based on my deepest truths, which comes from the word of the Lord. While I believe that doctors are here to help heal the sick and I value their place on this earth, I do not have blind faith in medical professionals. They are human beings and we are told by the Lord that we are not to put our complete faith in anyone else but Him. I respect my pediatrician's advice, but ultimately, I have to base my informed decisions on my own research, my faith, and my instincts as a parent. I get a diagnosis from the doctor and it does not go ignored. We work together on treating her to suit her needs. I have researched what poisons are put into these vaccinations and I do not believe that it is God's will to put them into our bodies. Immunizations contain unnatural substances that are injected into the bloodstream. Some immunizations contain chicken embryos and monkey livers from diseased animals and this is a direct violation of our religious teachings and our beliefs. Fetal tissues from aborted human fetuses are also put into some vaccinations and this is an absolute and direct violation of our religious teachings and our beliefs. Our faith is the sum total of our lives. If God decides to test our faith with an illness, no vaccine will stand in his way and no human can change God’s plan for our lives. His spirit enables and empowers us to understand His will over our lives. My walk on this earth is to get closer to Jesus by living my life through His word. 

I am a tax paying American citizen and I am a good person whose first and ninth amendment rights are being denied. We as parents should have the right and the choice to educate ourselves and go through the available information and research on vaccines and then decide what we feel comfortable putting into our children's bodies. Unfortunately, that way of thinking doesn't match our reality. I have been to Brooklyn Federal Court for a preliminary injunction which has been denied. We are now appealing that decision in Supreme Court and going further with a medical injunction in Federal court. My bank expenses have been sucked dry from this experience. I feel that I have been taken advantage of and it has taken a toll on my family. We are being robbed from our joy and we are being tortured. My daughter has been very psychologically affected because she is not allowed to attend school now and was kicked out half way through her Kindergarten year in February of 2013. A most memorable year to graduate with her fellow classmates was stripped away from an innocent little girl. She is six years old and when this first happened, she was crying herself to sleep at night because she couldn’t be in school with the rest of her peers. In spite of her distress, we as a family look to God and she prays to Him for the court to give us a decision for her to be attending school like all of her other classmates. She is trying her hardest through her faith in the Lord to keep her spirits high. She is so dedicated to her prayers and she believes with all of her heart that He will come through for her. This world has become so disrespectful of the Lord's Word and to those who follow it. The world is not going to dictate how I raise my children and what I put into my child's body. I live my life guided by the Lord and His light, not in the darkness of the world.  My choice to not vaccinate my child based on my own religious beliefs should be respected by the government. How could these rulings against me be allowed? 

Is there any way that you can help me? Can you share my story with people that can help me with my fight? I need my voice to be heard for myself and other families who are suffering from similar experiences where the government is trying to tell us what we mandatorily have to put into our bodies. Our faith as parents leads us to take physical, spiritual, and mental responsibility and make decision for the health and well being of our children. The government is trying to take away these rights as parents. If you share my story, it will reach the ears of other organizations that will also be able to rally with me in this fight for our religious rights as American citizens. The time is now that we all stand together because if we do not fight for our rights we will have them taken from us one by one until finally there is nothing left.

Please contact me as soon as you possibly can regarding this matter. I can also be reached at home at this number: 718-816-4313 or on my cell at: 917-554-1988. Please help us in any way that you can.

My lawyer's info is here: 

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Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.

In Christ,

Dina Check